Obtaining an academic degree provides greater opportunities for employment. However, that is not always the case for university graduates in our contemporary society especially those who lack soft skills required at work. Most of the graduates possess intellectual capacity that employers seek, but they often lack the charisma that interacting with employers demands. It is important to make a link between tertiary education and work through strengthening graduates soft skills. Degrees and certificates are important, blending them with soft skills those that are more social than technical is critical to developing a strong and vibrant workforce. Soft skills include problem solving, leadership, professionalism, teamwork and adaptability. In a country like Zimbabwe with an erratic economy and increasing competition on the labour market, graduates must possess work-readiness skills to make themselves more attractive on the job market. As a way of assisting university graduates, Development Practitioners Network provides training on soft skills required at various work places and provides an opportunity to practice them. It understands that tertiary students require additional training that will see them acquiring job-related skills. DPN uses work preparedness training to prepare students for what is lying ahead.

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