DATE: 28 February 2019
VENUE: No. 2 Partmar House, Eastlea, Harare
THEME: Professionalism and Development

We begin the first session of the Networking Thursdays with the theme “Professionalism and Development.” Whenever humanitarian work is carried out, it is vital to intervene on a much professional level. Therefore, it is important for both development practitioners and organisations to have a set standard in all their operations. Furthermore, the development sector in most developing countries is growing at a faster rate, therefore need to formulate a widely recognised standard of operations.

The  main highlights of Networking Thursdays are

  1. Panel Discussions and Thematic Presentations

A pool of panellists will be drawn from different experts of the development sector. Their role will be to elaborate to the participants on how they are handling issues to do with professionalism. They shall explain the importance of having a set of standards that can be followed by practitioners. Furthermore, they will explain the relation of ethics in achieving maximum development. We are expecting at least to have a panel composed of three individuals from different organisations. All clearly articulate professionalism as the impetus of development.

  1. Speed mentoring

We are inviting students, recent graduates and individuals to participate in the session of mentorship. DPN is going to invite mentors who will attend to participants. These will nurture and equip them with necessary skills that are vital for a development associate. An opportunity is accorded to discuss issues of your own interest. This will help interaction to take place. Mentors will share their experience with the mentees on how they managed to achieve in this sector. This provides a platform to rub shoulders with professionals in the sector. Synergies, networks and links will be created as ideas will smoothly flow both ways. Aspiring students are rest assured of career guidance and life skills training.

  1. Civil Society Organisations Profiling

This opportunity is given to organisations to be profiled on all the activities they are carrying in the community. The impact of projects they are carrying out.We are urging individuals, CSOs, development practitioners to participate in our Networking Thursdays. For those interested to participate please get in touch with us on the following contact details for the ongoing registrations. For updates check our social media sites.

Call: 0242776111-2, WhatsApp Only: 0784713733, Email:


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