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DPN is a network organisation in Zimbabwe that unites the development sector to promote effectiveness networking amongst all organisations. Our aim is to strengthen the contribution of development organisations in tackling development issues. Our network helps our partners share their skills and learn from each other’s best practice to boost effectiveness across the sector.

Who qualifies to be a partner of DPN?

  • Non-Governmental Organisations.
  • Corporate organisations {with a social corporate responsibility}
  • Community Based Organisations
  • Faith Based Organisations
  • Tertiary Institutions

Benefits of being a DPN Partner

1) Provision of the networking opportunities.

With the support of a vibrant network, organisations can become more effective. By becoming more effective, they make a greater impact on development related issues. We facilitate networking. Together we can make the development sector stronger.

How can you network through DPN?

  • By attending our events such as forums, conventions, discussions etc.
  • By taking part in our training courses.
  • By using our newsletter and website to promote your events and campaigns (advertising is free for DPN Partners and at very reasonable rates for non-members)

2) Provision of learning opportunities

Knowledge is power. Our information sharing platform make our partners more effective by supporting them to learn from each other and from a wide range of other organisations. We are also the first port-of-call for anyone else who wants to find out about Development issues in Zimbabwe.

How can you learn through DPN?

  • By interacting with other DPN partners and learn from their success stories.
  • By accessing information from our newsletter and website.
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