An action is important but information is essential, as we advocate against gender-based violence, we will be sharing information on the causes, nature, where it occurs and solution or resolutions towards gender-based violence. Follow us and let’s have a discussion around these issues.

Culture and societal norms

Violence has been and still is unjustifiable as a proper way of problem resolution or facilitating a way of life. Gender-based violence as negative as it has been sustained through the cultural and societal norms that people uphold. People are socialized to have rigid gender roles; expectations that women are to be passive, nurturing, submissive and emotional. On the other hand, men are aggressive, powerful, controlling and unemotional, making the men dominant figures over women who are rendered weak, powerless and dependent. This kind of socialization is propagated in the children as they grow and when they see such actions happening in their homes and the community at large, a psychological effect is brewed and they find it acceptable and practice the same as they grow.

 Tradition: Myths and misconceptions

Gender-based violence over time has intensely affected the female sex and especially in the African tradition that has several practices and rites. Traditionally girls had to undergo forced virginity testing, which was defended as a way of preventing promiscuity among the girls, however overlooking the issue of privacy of the victim and self-esteem after undergoing such procedures. The girl-child would be also given to the appeasement of avenging spirits to the family and also could be used as payment for a debt by marrying her off to older men. These practices fostered child marriages which in themselves are the serious causes of GBV leaving a child at the mercy of someone she doesn’t love and bear children for him. Previous research also pointed to the finding that a myth was being, passed around that if HIV positive men would sleep with a girl who is a virgin, he would be immediately cured of the virus. This led to countless rape and abuse of girls in the Africa countries.

 Economic situations

The sustainability of gender-based violence is on the silence and underreporting done by individuals, which in return perpetuates the culture of abuse. This is normally because of the economic dependence of not only women but in some instances men and makes the economically inferior party submissive and at the mercy of the superior. This nurtures an abusive atmosphere where the superior power becomes controlling and exerts authority on the inferior party who suffers emotionally and psychologically in a relationship. Unstable economies attract poverty and hunger and these situations put women in an unfavourable position and they suffer through hard labour and family supporting care for children.

Make a stand against gender-based violence, we are in this together. #networkingfordevelopment #orangetheworld #16days

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