Development Practitioners Network Convention 2017

Expected Guests

Our Theme this year:

“Development Reality: Collectively Envisioning the Future”



Debate Sessions

“Development Reality: Collectively Envisioning the Future!!

This year the Convention theme seeks to address the realities of the state of the global developing society. A lot of times individuals and corporates find themselves with brilliant ideas for development in the ever-changing modern-day society, challenge, however, arises in the implementation of these ideas. Ideas never manifest into practice due to financial constraints and lack of professional guidance and advice from professionals. There is a need for development consultants that are readily accessible to help ideas manifest into projects on the ground.

Convention Objectives


To provide opportunities for networking and establishment of sustainable partnerships.


To discuss factors that are hindering development and solutions to these problems.


To encourage thinking outside the box for more innovative ways to fund development projects.


To enhance cooperation amongst key players in development work through sharing ideas, the creation of synergies and partnerships.

To ensure inclusion of all key players in this fundamental symposium, the Convention incorporates a number of activities which will run with sub- themes to allow focus on the various aspects of the development realities within the sector. These include:

ICT for Development

Students: The Future of Development

Corporates in Development

Development Practitioner: Profession in future

The Role of Funding Institutions in Development

Convention Highlights


The event will kick off with a presentation on Development reality, this will encompass what development is to the individual and at a national level.

Exhibitions and Sponsorships

The Convention will also feature exhibitions by different organisations in development. Exhibitors will include implementing organisations, funding agencies, academic institutions and Corporates implementing CSR.

University Students Debate

DPN believes that students harbour the most intelligent input to current challenges in tertiary institutions and society. Students are a powerful information source in the ever-expanding global developing world.


DPN will award several categories at the Convention as a way to recognise and appreciate individuals that have shown outstanding commitment and accomplished a lot in the development work.

Career Fair

This is a comprehensive developmental program that is designed to assist high school students in making informed educational and occupational choices. DPN attempts to help develop an individual ‘s competencies in self-knowledge, educational and career planning.

Research Paper

One of the research papers examiners will give an outline of the papers they received, what they were looking at under each topic and a marking analysis. Two students with the best papers in both categories (postgraduate and undergraduate) will present their abstracts. A question and answer segment will follow the presentations.


Dr H.M.Kwaramba

Dr H.M.Kwaramba

Keynote Speaker

Hazel has over ten years of interdisciplinary consultancy experience with extensive skills in sustainable development, particularly Women Economic Empowerment; Climate Change Resilience; and Renewable Energy Access. Her experience is grounded in diverse and interdisciplinary settings in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Switzerland, United Kingdom, South Africa, and the Netherlands.

Lovemore Nyatsine

Lovemore Nyatsine

Topic | ICT for Development

Lovemore is a hands-on, results-oriented and experienced leadership, strategy and transformation senior leader in the Technology, Media and Telecommunication (TMT) sector. He has almost 20 years working in diverse environments, solving problems, managing large-scale projects, experiencing challenging moments and gaining invaluable experience in the process. He has worked in a number of countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Burundi, Kenya, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe in business, mining, philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and technology, media & telecom (TMT) sectors.

Gabriel Chipara

Gabriel Chipara

Topic | Financial Literacy

Gabriel Chipara is Founder and MD of Mantis Africa P/L, a business consulting and seminar company.  He has been a management and business consultant, speaker and trainer for over the last fourteen years. 

Gabriel is a distinguished thought leader on improving the financial literacy/fluency of young adults, adults, couples, families and entrepreneurs. He has been the anchor presenter on weekly radio shows on the financial literacy since July 2012 and has clocked over 2,000hours (and counting) of speaking, presenting, coaching and training people from all walks of life on the topic. 

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