The Department of Development Studies at Great Zimbabwe University has been a key affiliate to the DPN particularly in the DPN Tertiary Debate programme, the university managed to send in the Development Studies Debate Team for the debate session which was part of the Development Practitioner Convention 2017. Thus, when they invited us to make a presentation at their institute we were glad to accept the opportunity to have a contact with our aspiring Development Practitioners still studying Development Studies at the institute.

On the 27th of October, DPN team took the road to the Great Zimbabwe University Mashava Campus, Masvingo. The session was scheduled on a 2-hour slot that was to be conducted with the DPN staff, characterised with a participatory DPN presentation, giving the information about Development Practitioners Network, the membership, training as well as the proposal of the DPN Club. The target audience of the presentation was the Development Studies students at the tertiary institute, with the focus aimed at launching the DPN presence at the tertiary institute which was to try to make foundation layout for the long-awaited launch of the DPN Club for tertiary institutes.

There was an interactive session before the presentation that was conducted by the NC. She duly tackled basic CV writing skills, interview tips and basic Development Practitioner etiquette which was soundly received with the positive and good participation of the students giving their feedback and experiences. The Training Officer took the stage and effortlessly presented on the DPN training packages and programmes for tertiary students like Work Preparedness and Youth Life Skills. He further hammered on the importance of networks and the benefits of becoming a DPN member.  The session ended with the distribution of DPN registration forms to the students who wanted to become members of the DPN which were widely received by the students with a majority able to submit their application after the presentation and some submitting the online applications.


Inclusively, it was a pleasure to attend to the invitation, it was worthwhile. The staff managed to tackle every question that was thrown in their way by the inquisitive students and gave the advice needed, seamlessly. As an organisation, we believe the networking was crucial to our drive to appeal to all Development stakeholders in all aspects. We would like to give the special thank you to the Department of Development Studies at Great Zimbabwe University, staff and the students that took part in the visit to come to a success, we are proud to be a part of you as Development Practitioners Network. Thank you!

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