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THEME: Professionalism and Development


DATE: 28 February 2019

We begin the first session of the Networking Thursdays with the theme “Professionalism and Development.” Whenever humanitarian work is carried out, it is vital to intervene on a much professional level. Therefore, it is important for both development practitioners and organisations to have a set standard in all their operations. Furthermore, the development sector in most developing countries is growing at a faster rate, therefore need to formulate a widely recognised standard of operations.


What we Offer


We offer short term courses which are packaged in order to suite the requirements of our members. Check out the categories. 


DPN is the one place that connects you to the largest community of development practitioners in Zimbabwe. It is a network that comprises of development partner organisations, academic institutions, individual members and student members. Whether you are an individual looking to expand your network of like-minded peers or an organisation keen to build your employees’ knowledge in the dynamic field of development issues, we have the connections to steer you and your organisation in the right direction.



The network offers consultancy services to both its members and potential clients. Our consultancy services include Research, Project Proposal writing, Monitoring and evaluation, Provision of Counselling and Psycho – social support.

Interesting news and an exciting opportunity for our members. We are happy to announce a new partnership that we are to establish with Inspire Tutors Zimbabwe to bring in a chance for you to be a volunteer tutor at the Harare Children’s Home.

Are you passionate about teaching children?

Confident enough that you are able to explain to their best understanding?

Capable of committing to tutoring five days a week and contributing three hours of your time?

Then this opportunity is for you. As a member who will be interested in being selected, please make sure your profile is updated at the offices for a better chance to be selected.

The program requires:

  • An individual willing to be a tutor in one or two subjects of choice and your competence is such subjects should be proved by submitting your supporting documents.
  • Committed to tutor a minimum of 3 days a week and also committed to tutoring on contract basis for a minimum of 3 months and 2 weeks of holiday school.
  • Willing to volunteer.

Please get in touch and be a game changer in the society by touching someone’s life.

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Networking Thursdays

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